Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Image The Truth About Man

The Truth About Man

The Truth About Man, by Paul Washer

This book and related resources are available for download at no cost from Granted Ministries.

John Calvin once wrote that true theology requires both knowledge of God and knowledge of oneself. If he is right, then Paul Washer’s two workbooks have laid a good foundation for our theological study. While his first publication, The One True God, focused on God Himself, this workbook expounds the biblical teaching about mankind. It details man’s creation, our fall in Adam’s sin, our resultant inability to obey God, and God’s wrath toward us. In a sense, it is rather imbalanced, for it only deals with humans as fallen and condemned rebels; it says comparatively little about the grace of God in Christ which forgives and transforms us. But Washer is unapologetic on this point, and rightly so, for no person can truly comprehend the grace of God offered in Christ until he is first granted a long, hard look at his unworthiness to receive that grace. For that reason, The Truth About Man is faithful to both God’s plan and man’s need. This book’s black message hangs the perfect backdrop for displaying the bright mercy of the gospel. That gospel is clearly set forth in the last chapter, providing a wonderful conclusion to the book, and demonstrating the greatness of God's salvation.