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Image The Pilgrims Progress

The Pilgrims Progress

"The Pilgrims Progress - Accurate Revised Text Edition"

by John Bunyan; Edited by Dr. Barry Horner

This Accurate Revised Text (210pp/pb) retains Bunyan's distinctive clarity of style while offering contemporary smoothness without being racy. Based upon the definitive Oxford Press text of 1960 by Wharey and Sharrock, particular attention has been given to the maintenance of the author's doctrine and purposes. A select variety of archaisms has been retained, with modern equivalent terms in brackets, since these have gained a particular quaintness and timeless quality. Chapter divisions also contribute toward ease of comprehension along with numerous classic character illustrations.

Why would Reformation Press (an imprint of Great Christian Books) publish yet another edition of the most frequently published book after the Bible itself? Well, simply, we agree with Dr. Barry E. Horner the scholar who brings us this The Accurate Revised edition, that too many versions of this classic work have been overly modernized, abridged or stripped of the gospel truths which John Bunyan labored to communicate throughout this masterful allegory of the Christian Pilgrim's life. Working from what scholars agree to be the most complete, faithful and final version of Bunyan's manuscript, Dr. Horner has judiciously crafted a modernized version which retains all the glorious and compelling doctrine that The Tinker of Bedford, (as Bunyan was called), so eloquently conveys to all who join Pilgrim in his journey to The Celestial City.

Barry E. Horner is arguably the leading evangelical scholar on the life and works of John Bunyan alive today. As a Pastor himself, he has dedicated the better part of his scholastic endeavors in the study of the literature and ministry of Bunyan. As the host of a popular seminar series on the Themes and Issues of The Pilgrim's Progress, Dr. Horner brings this classic allegory alive to audiences across the globe from the United States, to the Continent, to Australia.

  • ISBN: 0967084024
  • ISBN-13: 978-0967084022
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 212
  • Size: 9 x 6 inches
  • Published: December 22, 1999
  • Publisher: Reformation Press Publishing