Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Interested in downloading a Book Study Guide Lesson - they are free to download for your spiritual edification.  However, we'd love to find out who you are, what church you attend, and what your interested in the study.  Please email us and let us know.

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Image The One True God

The One True God

The One True God, by Paul Washer

This book and related resources are available for download at no cost at Granted Ministries.

There are certainly many different books on the attributes of God, and many of them are very helpful (we recomend several). But this workbook, in our opinion, is the best introductory treatment of the Bible's doctrine of God. This is because you are not simply listening to another talk about the glory of what they have seen, but are sticking your nose in the Bible and seeing it for yourself. The other books have their rightful place, just as preaching has a rightful place in the church. But this study is not about listening or reading the truth that God has given to another, but rather is more like having that same preacher sit down with you, carefully guiding you through biblical passages and themes in order to help you see the glory for yourself, and to know that it is indeed the truth of the Bible. The book is clearly a book for newer Christians, but many we know have gone through the study even years after becoming a Christian and really benefitted from it. It is is truly a helpful study for anyone wanting to know more of what the Bible teaches about God.