Wednesday, August 05, 2020
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Bunyan Ministries 

Bunyan Ministries seeks to advance the biblical truth that the Bedford tinker so clearly expounded.

Dr. Barry Horner, an Australian, is a graduate of George Fox College and Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Oregon. His Doctor of Ministry degree from Westminster Theological Seminary in California focused on the biblical/theological content of The Pilgrim’s Progress as well as its validity as an appropriate means for the communication of the Word of God. Ordained in Melbourne in 1976, Barry has pastored churches in Australia and the United States.

Prior to returning to America in 1991, he was the Executive Secretary of the Bible Union of Australia, an interdenominational agency that proclaims the full authority, inerrancy, and truthfulness of Scripture along with the derived evangelical faith.

Hence Dangerous Journey Seminars is but an outgrowth of Barry’s specialized study. He agrees with C. H. Spurgeon, who had read The Pilgrim’s Progress over one hundred times, when he comments, “Why, this man [Bunyan] is a living Bible! Prick him anywhere, and you will find that his blood is Bibline, the very essence of the Bible flows through him. He cannot speak without quoting a text, for his soul is full of the Word of God.”

Dr. Horner continues to teach The Pilgrim’s Progress in church, seminar, and camp settings. He also pastors Christ’s New Covenant Church, Tucson, Arizona, where he maintains an expository ministry of the Word of God.

Barry’s interest in The Pilgrim’s Progress began when he was but five years of age. For the past twenty years he has made a special study of this classic allegory. He is firmly convinced that its balanced and winsome presentation of essential Bible truth has not diminished in significance. What is needed is fresh, contemporary exposure.

Future Isreal Ministries 

Future Israel Ministries is the result of widespread response to a book published in 2007 by Dr. Barry Horner titled Future Israel. There has been overwhelming encouragement in this regard from both Jewish and Gentile Christians, along with some vigorous disagreement. This has brought to the fore the need of a forum where Christian Judeo-centric theology confronts a resurgent anti-Judaic Augustinian eschatology, more commonly known as supercessionism.

From the standpoint of the gospel they [unbelieving national Israel] are enemies for your [the Gentiles’] sake, but from the standpoint of God’s choice [His election of the nation of Israel] they [unbelieving national Israel] are beloved for the [covenantal] sake of the fathers [Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” (Romans 11:28).

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