Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Sunday Sermon List

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Examine Me O Lord Psalm 26 Randy Olson 2020-01-26
Who can Dwell in the House of God Psalm 24 Randy Olson 2019-04-14
Meditating on Psalm 23 Lord's Supper Message Psalm 23 Randy Olson 2019-04-07
Surely Goodness and Mercy Psalm 23:6 Randy Olson 2019-04-07
You Prepare a Table for Me Psalm 23:5 Randy Olson 2019-03-31
Valley of Shadow and Death Psalm 23:4 Randy Olson 2019-03-24
Leads in the Path of Righteousness Psalm 23:3 Randy Olson 2019-03-17
Rest, Refreshment, and Restoration Psalm 23:2-3 Randy Olson 2019-03-10
The Lord is my Shepherd: A Living Relationship Psalm 23:1
John 10:19-28
Randy Olson 2019-03-03
The Lord is my Shepherd Psalm 23:1 Randy Olson 2019-03-03
Praise in the Time of Deliverance Psalm 22:21-31 Randy Olson 2019-02-24
The Agony of Gods Forsakenness Psalm 22:1-21 Randy Olson 2019-02-24
Psalm 21 Psalm 21 Randy Olson 2019-02-17
Prayer in the Time of Trouble Psalm 20:1-9 Randy Olson 2019-02-17
The Law of the Lord is Perfect Psalm 19:7-9 Randy Olson 2019-01-20
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God Psalm 19:1-6 Randy Olson 2019-01-20
Surprising Song Pt 2 Psalm 18:30-50 Randy Olson 2019-01-13
Surprising song Psalm 18:1-29 Randy Olson 2019-01-13
The Righteous look to the Lord in Prayer Psalm 17 Randy Olson 2019-01-06
Having ones Affections centered on God Psalm 16 Randy Olson 2018-12-30